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Data Storage
March 24th 2015

Plug in and Tune Out with Verbatim's new 2TB TV Hard Drive

Access your backed-up videos and TV shows; Pause, rewind and replay live TV; Or simply record your favourite programs and watch later.... It's all possible with Verbatim's new 2TB Store'n'Go TV Hard Drive.

USB-Recording- Your Hard Drive becomes a DVD Recorder Many major brands now offer USB-Recording functionality in their mid-to-high end television sets. Essentially, this feature allows your hard drive to act as a DVD recorder, enabling you to record programs direct from TV to your USB-connected device.

Mountable TV Cradle Verbatim's TV Hard Drive comes with a handy cradle to attach to the back of your TV allowing your HDD to be kept safe-and-sound out of sight and attached to your TV for dedicated use. Perfect for wall-mounted televisions or users that want to keep their living spaces free of clutter.

Capacity for Ever-Growing Storage Needs With 2TB storage capacity, you can record more than 450 hours of HD television, or store thousands of backed-up movies, songs and/or photos for access on demand.

Your Verbatim HDD can also be used as general HDD storage on PC or Mac. However, when plugging directly into a TV USB port, the hard drive will be automatically reformatted by the television resulting in the deletion of any files already on the hard drive. Make sure to back up and remove any files when switching between formats to protect against data loss.

The Store'n'Go TV Hard Drive is available now from your favourite Verbatim reseller.

TV Cradle:

Keep your hard drive safe and sound and out of site behind your TV

USB Record & Play:

Connect to compatible televisions for direct recording of your favourite programs

USB 3.0 :

Ultra-fast read/write speeds for data transfers

FAT-32 Pre-formatted:

Ready to be used straight from the box on both Mac and PC

Included Software:

Backup, formatting, and energy saving bundled with drive

2 Year Warranty :

For ultimate peace of mind

If you would like to enquire about this product please email us at