USB 3.0


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  1. Store'n'Go Vx400 Solid State USB Drive

    Reorder #:Vx400 SSD USB

    • Combines the extreme speed performance of an SSD with the easy to handle form factor of a slim line USB drive.
    • Small compact design weighing only 16grams (approx.)
    • Fast data transfer rates of up to 400MB/sec
    • Sleek metal housing with retractable USB connector
    • Nero backup software
    • Available in capacities: 128GB and 256GB
  2. ToughMax USB 3.0 Drive

    Reorder #:ToughMAX USB 3.0

    • The ultimate in extreme data protection
    • Crush resistant up to 2,250kg
    • Water resistant up to 30m
    • Temperature resistant from -25ºC to 150ºC
    • Made from proprietary KyronMAX™ material – revolutionary, high-strength plastic
    • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Interface
    • Slim, stylish design – perfect for on-the-go use
  3. Store'n'Go Pinstripe USB 3.0 Drive

    Reorder #:Pinstripe USB 3.0

    • Push and Pull Sliding feature
    • Lightweight, striped design
    • Colour available: Black
  4. Store 'n' Click USB 3.0 Drive

    Reorder #:store_n_click_USB3.0

    • USB 3.0 Interface
    • 'Slide and lock' mechanism
    • Simple and easy to use, just plug and play
    • Compact and stylish design
    • Capacities available : 32GB-64GB
  5. Metal Executive USB 3.0 Drive

    Reorder #:metal executive usb 3.0 drive

    • USB 3.0 Interface
    • Small and sleek golden metal casing
    • COB technology for water resistance and enhanced reliability
    • Includes keyring for added convenience
    • Capacities available : 32GB-64GB
  6. Store'n'Go V3 USB Drive

    Reorder #:V3 USB

    • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Interface.
    • 'Slide and Lock' mechanism protects the USB connector when not in use.
    • Compact, stylish design.
    • Capacities available: 16GB - 256GB


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