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  1. BD-R 25GB Inkjet Printable

    Reorder #:BD-R 25GB IJ

    • 6x Recording / 25GB Storage capacity
    • Wide Inkjet for edge to edge printing
    • Recordable format for HDTV recording and PC data storage
    • Utilises a blue-violet laser to read and write data allowing for more data storage on a disc with the same size as a CD/DVD
    • Wide power margin of Verbatim BD-media ensures superior drive compatibility
    • Super hard coat protects data from scratches
    • Lifetime warranty
  2. BD-R 50GB Dual Layer

    Reorder #:BD-R 50GB DL

    • 50GB storage capacity, 1080p resolution
    • Available in 6X write speed
    • Available in Branded Silver, White Inkjet or White THermal Printable surface options
    • Treated with Hard Coat™ to prevent scratches and prolong disc life
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  3. CD-R Branded

    Reorder #:CD-R

    • Ideal for storing digital images, music and more
    • Ultimate performance recording dye for burning at high speeds
    • Record a CD in less than 2 minutes using a 52X CD drive
    • 700MB capacity
    • Branded silver or colour surface options
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  4. DVD+R Branded

    Reorder #:DVD+R

    • Record 4.7GB or 120Min of data and video in approximately 5 minutes
    • AZO recording dye optimizes read/write performance
    • Ideal for recording up to 2 hours of DVD quality home movies and video clips
    • Compatible with most 16X DVD+R drives available
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  5. DVD-R Branded

    Reorder #:DVD-R

    • Compatible with up to 16X DVD-R Hardware
    • Ideal for recording up to 2 hours of DVD quality home movies and video clips
    • Archive and back up, up to 4.7GB of important data
    • Read compatible with most DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  6. CD-RW 4x-12x High Speed

    Reorder #:CD-RW 4x-12x

    • Certified 4X-12X High Speed rewrite compatibility
    • Rewritable up to 1,000 times
    • Read compatible with multi-read CD & DVD drives
    • Long archival life
    • 700MB capacity
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  7. DVD+R DL 8.5GB Double Layer

    Reorder #:DVD+R DL

    • 8.5GB storage capacity
    • Branded silver or white, photo-quality printable disc surfaces
    • Record 4 hours of DVD quality television and video
    • Burn 8.5GB in approximately 12-15 minutes
    • Compatible with DVD+R DL drives from leading manufacturers
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  8. DVD-R Inkjet Printable 16X

    Reorder #:DVD-R IJ

    • Available in white, hub-branded or white-wide, edge-to-edge printable surface options
    • Superior ink absorption on high-resolution 5,760 DPI printers
    • 1X-16X DVD recording speed
    • Advancedl Azo recording dye optimises read/write performance
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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