50 Years Of Trusted Technology

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2019

50 Years Of Trusted Technology

Globally recognised, Verbatim’s products are sold in over 120 countries with a line-up that includes Optical Storage Media, USB Drives, Memory Cards, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives (SSDs), Mobile Accessories, LED Lighting and Filaments for 3D Printing.

The company’s operating principles are founded on the company’s philosophy of helping people to live in a healthy, comfortable and sustainable way. Verbatim's R&D strength and technology leadership combined with its demanding quality control during the manufacturing processes guarantees first-class products and Technology you can Trust.

Data Storage Pioneer

From its foundation in 1969, Verbatim has shaped the development of data storage technology. In Latin verbatim means “word for word”, and has been used since the company's founding to illustrate the principle of accurate, error-free recording of data. From floppy disks and magneto-optical storage to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray media, to external hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives and SSDs - the extent of Verbatim's extensive portfolio and influence in the storage industry is unrivalled.

The company also provides a range of computer accessories that compliments its core data storage business and follows the same high standards of quality, compatibility and reliability.

Unique LED Lighting

Verbatim has a significant presence in the LED lighting market, where it develops and sells a wide range of LED lamps and luminaires for offices, hotels, restaurants and domestic use.Better lighting experience coupled with a low power consumption and long life span.

Innovator In 3D Printing Materials

Verbatim has been providing high-quality filaments for the 3D printing industry since 2014. By combining the R&D and quality control strength with Verbatim’s extensive global sales and marketing operation, the company is striving to be a leading and long-term worldwide materials supplier to this growing category.